if you sing les mis music with me you can’t be all casual and sing like any other song. you must sing wITH THE FIERY PASSION OF THE REVOLUTIONARIES WHO WOULD DIE FOR THEIR COUNTRY WE ARE NO LONGER TEENAGERS WE ARE IN FUCKING FRANCE FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES

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Now let’s see your war face.

Now let’s see your war face.

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#can we just take a moment to realize all sam ever wanted was to be free to choose his own life #and yet they won’t even let him control his own being#he loses agency over his mind and body again and again and again #first by demon blood… possession… addiction … being a vessel #all leading up to LITERALLY LOSING ALL OF HIS AGENCY when lucifer takes over #and he spend two and a half fucking seasons trying to recover from the trauma #by losing control over his mind even more #by losing his soul #by literally going mad#and later by avoiding/not being able to deal with it on purpose (see amelia)#and the MOMENT(!!!) he started to become his own person again #the MOMENT he saw possibilities to do it his way #they took it away.. AGAIN#AGAIN something is messing with his body (and mind??) AND IT WONT EVER FUCKING STOP #and thats the story of sam winchester #(wanted: a life.. given: not even a body and mind that were truly his) #tell me how your faves would deal with this and then we’ll talk #i’m not sure if i should cry or celebrate his entire everything #sam winchester #better than you#if you need me you can find me under the table drowning in my tears

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Gandalf the Thief

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Spit Acid All Day: Copyright Alert System (CAS) passed 


Slow clap.

Slow clap.

Enjoy having your Internet slowed down for alledged copyright infringement.

Also CISPA is trying to come back as we speak.

‘Murika, you let CAS pass. If you don’t stop CISPA, say goodbye to Free Internet.

Here’s a link to the Stop CISPA petition.


15 days. 82 246 signatures needed. Only 411 were made yesterday.

even if you didn’t, fucking put your goddamn signature there (assuming you’re an american and actually can do that) and signal boost it.

14 days, 82 037 signatures needed. Only 209 were made yesterday.

Here’s some info on what will happen to you if you don’t fucking sign this petition.

  1. Your private information from sites, such as Facebook and Google, will be now available to the Goverment. And there’s jack shit you will be able to do about it. If someone doesn’t like you, they can go and check all the information Facebook and Google have about you
  2. Your military will ALSO have access to said private info.
  3. No warrants or subpoenas (also known as the “there’s jack shit you will be able to do about it” part)
  4. Companies that join this shit become immune to criminal and civil liability (also “an aka the “there’s jack shit you will be able to do about it” part”)

If you don’t get how serious that is, watch this video, it’ll demonstrate.


14 days, 81,888 signatures needed. Only 149 were made yesterday.

Don’t make me start reposting this post twice a day. Because I will if  the amount of signatures won’t fucking skyrocket.

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i hope if at some point cas has to get an anti-possession tattoo

that dean will drunkenly suggest he get it on his lower-back like a tramp stamp

so cas, the culture idiot he is, does

and while dean laughs sam just looks at him like

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so i thought it was time for me to do the ‘arthur finally decides to make a reappearance’ thing

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Picard with the fucking truth bombs.

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